Revolutionising/Changing Society Through the Pursuit of Being Human

We are in an era of colliding ideologies, with division leading to further division. In order to collectively survive in this society together with our companions, we have founded the community, HUMARIZINE. We are also releasing an annual ZINE (self-published magazine)  “HUMARIZINE” to summarise and communicate our activities. The term HUMARIZINE covers both the community and the zine. 

To be human is to think and act based on your physicality, 

such as what you feel here and now,

bringing in spontaneity from the surrounding environment.

This is the definition we value most, of “being  human”.

The importance of re-evaluating people’s opinions and rules undermining our society. And the importance of taking what you feel in the moment, and cooperating with others. Lastly, the importance of putting to action, and not keeping it in your head. We will pursue all of these three.

Apart from publishing ZINEs, we also create art work and hold events. These are called HUMARIZONE, as they help to expand our companions and fields <ZONE>. In addition, we have created HUMARIZING, a platform for archiving the passion and vitality <ZING> that keeps us moving.

Using our own hands and feet, we will carry out practices and envision alternative societies in HUMARIZINE, and through ZINE / ZONE / ZING we will further develop discussions and start to make changes happen.